Be an Impact Player

Numbers 14:24: In American football, certain players are designated as impact players. They are players who make a difference in a material way. They are outstanding, enabling their team to be more effective.

They are very focused on their mission. Unlike most of the world, they are on their field of life to make a difference. They want to win, and they give everything they have to accomplish their goal. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Our Power Drink for the Day

Psalm 36:9 reflection: In the game of football, all the players on each team try to keep the opposite team from carrying the ball across the goal line. Many times they drink a power drink to aid them in their efforts.

We know that Satan is doing his best to disrupt our lives and divert our attention from achieving the goals God has for us.

It is only through God’s Word that we can drink the POWER DRINK we need to feed and energize us for the day. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Hey! There’s No Armor for my Back!

Ephesians 6:11 reflection: At the Gettysburg battleground there is a small plaque that says, “Write home, and tell them I died facing the enemy.”

The Christian life is all about advancing, pressing forward, running a race, forgetting those things that are behind – all for the purpose of accomplishing God’s will on this earth. We invade the darkness with the light of the Gospel, going into all the world with all of the means God has given us.

Retreat is not an option. We are in a battle, taking new ground. After taking it, we stand firm. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Join the Few of the Few: Become a Kingdom Investor

Matthew 7:14 reflection: You and I have a decision to make. Do we want to become a strategic Kingdom Investor, developing a life that will echo into eternity in a positive way?

If so, we will have to abandon the way of the crowd, and the multiple voices of the world that compete for our attention every day. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Fish Hard! Life is Short!

Titus 2:14 reflection: Have I discovered what God wants me to do? Am I zealous in doing it, realizing that I have a limited amount of time on this side of eternity? [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Have You Captured the Vision?

Habakkuk 2:2 reflection: Can you think of a more worthwhile cause to join than one ordained by God?

The last command of Jesus Christ was for his disciples to go into all the world and make disciples. He gives us the privilege to join in the greatest movement in the history of the world: to help save mankind from the coming destruction and judgment of God. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

From Weakness to Son Power

1 Corinthians 15:42–44 devotional: When we are born of the Spirit of God, we are infused with a new power, the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. This power helps us see through the schemes and deceptions of Satan as he seeks to weaken us in our endeavors for the Lord. We are raised in power from weakness. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

All Things Have Become New

2 Corinthians 5:17 devotional: We serve a God who is always doing something new! God’s very presence is renewing. As we spend time in God’s Word, the Holy Spirit changes our attitudes and gives us new opportunities to serve him and expand his kingdom. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Focus on God’s Word

Psalm 19:7–8 devotional: Meditating on the promises of God revives our soul, makes us wise, brings joy to our heart, and gives us insight. It is time for us to “get in tune” with God’s desires. Each of us has a role to play in helping to save the lost people of this world. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Our Battle Is the Spirit’s Battle

2 Chronicles 20:15 devotional: God is able to tear down the strongholds of those things that exalt themselves against him. God is the One who melts away the enemy by his Spirit working in our life. [Click title or image to read the full post.]