God’s Power and Work

Isaiah 43:13 devotional: God makes it very clear that when he works, or declares that something is to be done, it will be done! This truth provides an incentive for us to want to be recipients of Son Power. We want God to do imperishable works in us and through us. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Accessing God’s Counsel

Jeremiah 32:19 devotional: Our relationship with God is not about the three amigos of Me, Myself, and I. God is interested in his glory and the fulfillment of his will and purposes. Son Power enables us to tap into the great counsel, power, and work of God when our lives are in harmony with his will. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Have You Experienced the Third Conversion?

When Zacchaeus heard the voice of Jesus penetrating through the noise of the crowd, he listened and obeyed.

Not only was his spirit and soul converted, but also his “purse” or pocketbook was converted.

Martin Luther referred to the willingness to give as a third conversion. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Our Greatest Reward is Knowing God

In today’s world, many people will do almost anything to access what they perceive to be power, thinking people in those positions can do something for them.

We learn from the scripture that power belongs to God. He is the one who opens doors for us and gives us opportunities, blessing us with whatever benefits he wants to share with us. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

The World is Passing Away Before Our Eyes!

So many of things I considered so important over the years are now gone! The company I worked for is gone. Boards of companies I served on are gone.

Just through the aging process, we can see how we ourselves are “passing away.”  Our bodies are temporary. We are only renting or leasing them, having to turn them in at the end of the lease term. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Do You Have a Self-Serve Mentality?

The principles of KingdomNomics teach us life does not consist of the abundance of things, and that we should labor for the food that leads to eternal life. We find an increasing life of fulfillment as we practice giving or investing in what matters to the Lord Jesus Christ. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

God Takes the Little and Does Big Things

In John 6:9, the disciple Andrew questions how so little could be relevant in feeding a multitude of people. Jesus took what was little or insignificant in the view of the world, and miraculously used it to feed the 5000! [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Ask God to Shine His Favor on Your Life

In Luke 18:41, Jesus asks the question, “What do you want me to do for you?”

He asks the same question for us.

What would you like Jesus to do for you today?

Would you ask him for something that you know is in accordance with his will, something that will echo into eternity? [Click title or image to read the full post.]

The Power to Change Belongs to God

In Job 26:8-14 (NKJV), we are told that he hangs the earth on nothing, and that he stirs up the sea with his power, and by his Spirit he adorned the heavens. The power and scope of his workings are beyond human comprehension. [Click title or image to read the full post.]

Soaking Up God’s Word

We must soak our heart in the Word of God, treating it like our spiritual M and Ms, that is, memorizing and meditating on it. How good it is to feel and know that God is planning to have good coming our way! [Click title or image to read the full post.]