3. Lock In on Son Power

Facing Spiritual Opposition Head On

Devils Schemes
Let’s face it, the difficulties we see and experience on a daily basis are beyond our ability to fix. Satan is doing everything he can to convince us that we really don’t need God or his power working in us, for us, or through us. The world around us continues to become increasingly hostile to anything remotely related to God and his purposes. But the fact remains, a life without God is a life without meaning or purpose. How do we deal with the opposition we inevitably are encountering? [more…

Applying Son Power to Your Time

Minutes-Day-e1451793123629When you think about it, time is the most equalized resource available to us. Some people may have more talent, and some may have more treasure, but we all have the same twenty-four hours in each day. It is natural to look at that time as a resource to be used for oneself, but as we learn to partner in life with God, we become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in the use of our time to fulfill God’s purposes. The question is: Are you expecting and allowing God to maximize your time through Son Power? God can use even the smallest portion of your time to make a difference for his kingdom. [more…]

Applying Son Power to Your Talent

God-Given-e1451793296465The abilities that you have been given are designed so that God’s work might be accomplished and his kingdom expanded. Each one of us has a choice: we can either use these abilities to accomplish whatever we choose, or we can allow the Holy Spirit to use these gifts. God-given gifts can accomplish a lot when they are used naturally, but when we allow the Holy Spirit to permeate those gifts with his power, supernatural results will occur.

The Holy Spirit can provide greater impact through the use of your talents. He can create opportunities where your abilities will have far greater results than anything you could imagine. He can also increase your talents for a supernatural effect. Are you willing to allow God to use your gifts to bless others? [more…]

Applying Son Power to Your Treasure

Use-Your-Treasure-e1451793502829Treasure is an amazing tool. But it is a tool that can be used for temporary earthly pleasure or for the imperishable goals of God’s kingdom. I’m quite sure God is not so interested in how much money we have or don’t have, but rather how much we are willing to give away. It is not the amount that matters, but the attitude in which the giving is done. God is more concerned about our spiritual development of faith in him, than he is about the money or treasure that is given away. The heart holds the real value here.

The Holy Spirit can protect the resources you already have. He can reveal areas where your resources are disappearing or being wasted instead of being used for his kingdom. The Holy Spirit can also increase your earthly treasure. He can create opportunities that result in the addition of more treasure. The Holy Spirit can bless you so you have a greater return on your investments and efforts. [more…]

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