Sourced in God

Sourced in God |

Memorize and Meditate

For I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.” (Philippians 1:19, NIV)

Soak your Heart

This verse is power-packed. I want to soak my heart in it. Our communion with God through the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ provides the way for our deliverance, both in this world and the world to come.

In KingdomNomics, we learn through Scripture and we practice keeping Jesus Christ as the focus of our life. We realize that everything is sourced in him. His Spirit can supply the peace, love, patience, and kindness we need. He also has the power to ultimately make all things turn out for our good. He is the God of provision and of all power.

Philippians 1:19 |

Sow to the Spirit

We learn to communicate with God through prayer, which simply means talking with God. We learn to communicate with God as we acknowledge that all things are sourced in him. We admit that without his provision, we can do nothing.

We pray, “I know, Father, that you will make all things work out for my good ultimately.  I know that through your Spirit, you will make provision for me in my current circumstances. For this I express my gratitude.”

As we express gratitude, we honor the Lord and show our faith in him, so he can show us the way of salvation.

Flow with the Spirit

Flowing with the Spirit always gives a sense of expectation that God is at work. God is always working, often silently, beyond our human senses. We trust that he is working, and that sometimes, he will allow us to see the finger of God at work in our circumstances. Remember, it is from the Lord that we can expect deliverance in his timing.


Think about God’s power, provision, and work in your life. As you move into your place in God’s vineyard today, know he is at work. Develop a sense of expectation of seeing him working out his ultimate plan for you in this world.

Photo Credit: © Christin Lola, via Fotolia