Choose Son PowerSon Power is all about God generating the power for your impact on eternity.

All believers have Son Power available to them. This power is found in the work of the Holy Spirit because of the Son’s incredible sacrifice.

As Christ takes up residence in a believer’s life, he becomes a conduit for the empowering of the Holy Spirit. This power flows freely when you live a life that is in harmony with God’s revealed will. And because the Son’s power is eternal, it is this power that we vitally need to accomplish all that God has for us.

We must avoid the mistake of trusting in our own limited power to accomplish God’s purposes and instead trust in the eternal power of the Holy Spirit.

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1. Focus In

This overview will help you understand the prerequisites, barriers and motivations involved for Son Power living.

2. Plug In

These foundational truths will help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit so your life, desires, and accomplishments will be transformed as he works in and through you.

3. Lock In

Discover practical principles so the time, talent and treasure that God has entrusted to you will be multiplied through Son Power for greater eternal impact.


The Sonburst diagram is a tool that can be used to study and apply a single Bible verse to your own life situations. Using the 4 Rs
of the Sonburst (Relationship, Revelation, Reflection, and Redemption), you can gain insights into any verse or passage and apply it to your life at any given time.


Each of us is given a “loaf” of time. Each new day shortens it by one slice. You’ll make many investments in this life; the moments invest in exploring these devotions will bring dividends that will change your eternal future.

Eternal Treasure

Our time, talent, and treasure, the 3 Ts, are being consumed daily by something. Through KingdomNomics, you will discover principles that can help you become a wise steward the time, talent, and treasure God has entrusted to you.


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Enjoy Son Power livng!