4 Rs: Son Power Can Make Us Like the Morning Light

4 Rs: Son Power Can Make Us Like the Morning Light | KingdomNomics.comScripture: 2 Samuel 23:2, 4, NLT

“The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me; his words are upon my tongue … [He] is like the light of morning at sunrise, like a morning without clouds, like the gleaming of the sun on new grass after rain.(2 Samuel 23:2, 4, NLT)

The transformation we experience because of Son Power is unlimited when we are totally committed to the Lord.


Because of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we have the potential for the Lord to speak through us just as he did through King David as recorded in 2 Samuel. In fact, we are commanded to be ambassadors for Christ as we take part in the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:16–20).


Each of us can be a spokesperson for the Lord. However, we need to be regularly feeding on his Word in order for it to become a part of us.

His Word will naturally flow out of us as we practice soaking our heart in it, sowing it to him in our prayer life, and then flowing it into our everyday life under the management of the Holy Spirit.


As we memorize and meditate on God’s Word, it will become a natural part of us and will be on the tip of our tongue whenever we need it. We will be ready to communicate the Word to others effortlessly.

Furthermore, it will serve as a reminder for us to conduct ourselves in a manner that honors God. In fact, as his Word continues to transform us, we will become like the light of the morning at sunrise in the lives of other people!

The Bible says we are to put on the armor of light (see Romans 13:12). We are to be a light in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation (see Philippians 2:15).


Our desire should be to be like the light of the morning in the lives of other people. We need to fill our heart and mind with the truth of God’s Word so that the Lord can speak through us.

Talk to God

Oh, Father, I want to carry your message of hope to this lost and dying world. Help me to so immerse myself in your Word that it is on the tip of my tongue. I ask you to speak through me to other people. I am trusting in you to transform me a person who is like the light of the morning when the sun rises. I am asking, Lord Jesus, that you rise in your full strength in my life. Amen.