Soaking Up God’s Word

Soaking Up God’s Word | KingdomNomics.comScripture: Job 22, NKJV

The 22nd chapter of Job confirms a few of the basic principles of KingdomNomics for making the Word  of God personally operative in our lives.

In verse 21 we are encouraged to acquaint ourselves with God so that we will be at peace with him and have the prospect of good coming our way. It is emphasized for us to receive instruction from his mouth, and then to be sure to lay up his words in our heart.

This confirms that we must soak our heart in the Word of God, treating it like our spiritual M and Ms, that is, memorizing and meditating on it. How good it is to feel and know that God is planning to have good coming our way!  These truths point us in the direction of the truth stated in Job 23:14, “For He performs what is appointed for me.” (NKJV)

Wow! This tells us that God is taking an active and working part in our lives as we acquaint ourselves with him and store up his word in our heart. Let’s be sure to first acquaint ourselves with God by memorizing and meditating on his Word. Secondly, this helps us to store up his Word in our heart stimulating us to look for the finger of God working in our daily life.