Life is short. . .
But eternity lasts forever!

Life is short... but eternity lasts forever!

The Loaf of Time

I think of daily time like daily bread. Each one of us has a “loaf” of time, if you will. Each day consumes one slice, and the loaf becomes smaller as time passes. We eventually realize this, to our dismay, and it becomes so very important to use our given time wisely—to make our lives count for something meaningful.

That’s what KingdomNomics is all about: knowing and experiencing the benefits of joyfully trading earthly, temporary gratification for something that will last forever. (Read More)

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The free KingdomNomics book provides an overview of biblical principles that show you how to lay up treasure in Heaven—treasure that will be enjoyed for eternity. Through the free KingdomNomics Applied devotions, you will discover principles that can help you become a wise steward of your time, talent, and treasure.

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Three Kinds of Believers

I’m something of a student of human behavior, and I’ve come to some conclusions about how most people in the world relate to God and his gifts. With regard to those who do make some kind of attempt to serve God, I’ve observed that there are basically three kinds of believers in this world. (Read More)