Soak, Sow, Flow

Over the years, I’ve developed an understanding of the process by which we are changed by the Holy Spirit. I think of it this way: We soak, we sow, and the Spirit flows.

First comes soaking our hearts and minds in the Word of God. There’s no substitute for this, no shortcut. We need to immerse ourselves in the Word of God until as much of it as possible is engraved on our hearts.

The Holy Spirit within us reveals its truth. He interprets and he applies the message of God to our thoughts and our issues. If you’ve ever struggled to stick with Bible study, hang in there. Ask God to bring the words to life for you. Every verse you memorize gives the Spirit a ready tool to use just when you need it. Soon, he can do some major work on your insides!

The heart is stirred when we look deeply into Scripture and meditate on it. So much power is contained in these heaven-sent lines. Nothing expresses the great issues and principles of life the way the Word of God does. Think of a sponge as a word picture for this, with its absorbency, filling up with living water.

Next, we begin to read or recite these verses back to God. We sow them to the Spirit, and he begins to flow through our being, so that we feel the power and presence of God. I’ve enjoyed this dynamic experience countless times. We come to the Word of God anxious, and he gives us peace. We come with anger about someone, and he gives us love and patience. We come dry, and he fills us to bursting with the refreshment of his goodness. It’s a daily reality check with a sweet fragrance.

This is one of the primary ways that kingdom attitudes begin to grow within us. Crisis by crisis, worry by worry, relationship by relationship, the Spirit of God, speaking to us through his Word and his personal guidance, transforms us into the people he has always intended for us to be.

A genuine “spiritual chemical reaction” takes place when we soak our hearts and minds in the Scriptures, and let the Spirit flow freely through us. Life, health, power, and hope surge through us like medicine from heaven itself.

So we soak, we sow—reciting our verses, and the Spirit flows. Soon, we’ll need to repeat this process. The sponge (heart and mind) can be filled over and over, and we can’t let it become dry and brittle. It’s a repeat process.

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