God’s Power

If you can understand and apply to your life the following sentence, then you’ll be among the wisest and best informed of Christians:

All of our spiritual power comes from the Holy Spirit.

Simple enough, right? And yet somehow a great many believers do not understand this. As a matter of fact, they don’t even grasp who the Holy Spirit is!God-Will-Reveal

The Holy Spirit is Christ living within us. He offers us guidance and just the right words when we face various crises. He comforts us. He strengthens us. He administers the special gifts given to us for ministry. It is through him that we live as new creations in Christ. On the day you began to believe in Jesus, his Spirit took residence within you. And he began the great work that will continue until either you die or Christ returns to earth—the power of transforming you into the living image of Christ.

All of the KingdomNomics principles are wonderful and supernatural … and they’re not our work. They come through the power of God, dispensed by the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we might as well be flashlights without batteries. That is an image of your life apart from the process of soaking, sowing, and flowing that comes through the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be a “good Christian,” or how many times you attend church, how much money you contribute, or how many good deeds you do—you will be as empty a vessel as the battery-less flashlight apart from the living Word of God flowing through you and empowering you by the Holy Spirit.

God wants each of us to shine in a dark world. He has told us we’re the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). What a tragedy when the light of the world has no batteries! With a power source, that flashlight can light the way through a dark tunnel; without that source, it’s a useless piece of plastic.

If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, you need not do anything special to invite the Holy Spirit into your life—he is there, just as sure as your heart was pumping blood through your body long before you learned about it in school. As you experience his presence, you can learn to cooperate with him, through reading the Word of God and asking him to illuminate it for you; by asking him to give you the right words during important conversations; and by relying on him to show you how to serve God as you go about the day. In time, you’ll be more and more aware of the Spirit and how he works in your life. When you stumble, you’ll feel his very gentle whisper of admonishment; when you are worried, you’ll feel his word of encouragement; and when you’re mourning, you’ll feel his comfort. The Holy Spirit is more than just a power source; he is a friend in every need.


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