Have You Experienced the Third Conversion?

Have You Experienced the Third Conversion? | KingdomNomids.comScripture: Luke 19:1-10

“Lord, Lord, I give…”

Giving is at the core of the Christian life. In this account, a tax collector, Zacchaeus, took extraordinary measures to see Jesus. He took advantage of the one opportunity in his life when he could possibly meet him.

He ran ahead of the crowd, climbed a tree in order to see Jesus, and when Jesus called him, he responded by coming down and meeting him. He did not care what the crowd thought. When he heard the voice of Jesus penetrating through the noise of the crowd, he listened and obeyed.

For Zacchaeus, the encounter was LIFE CHANGING!  Not only was his spirit and soul converted, but also his “purse” or pocketbook was converted.

Martin Luther referred to the willingness to give as a third conversion. Zacchaeus reflected the change that occurs in the life of a person who truly accepts and trusts in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He gave with an “I want to give attitude,” not grudgingly or under compulsion.

He became a changed man. The encounter with Jesus Christ transformed Zacchaeus from GETTER into GIVER.

Question to ask yourself:

In what tangible ways has Jesus Christ changed my life?