Reflections of a Kingdom Boy (Part 3)

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Book Contents (Part 3)

81. What Controls You – Earthly Desires or Heavenly Ones
82. Knowing God: More Valuable than Gold or Silver
83. The Power of God’s Word
84. Soak, Sow, Flow: The Core Concept for Christian Living
85. DNA Markers of a Strategic Kingdom Investor
86. Capture the Vision
87. Experiencing God’s Favor
88. God is My God
89. God’ Cell Phone #33:3
90. Our Race
91. Giving While We Are Living
92. Peace: A Rare Commodity
93. Delight Yourself in God’s Word
94. The Sowing and Reaping Principle
95. The “Converterlator” Concept
96. The Spirit Factor
97. Seals, Reveals, and Deals
98. The Spirit Operator
99. Walking in the Newness of Life
100. Giving Equal Investment
101. Be Genuine
102. Guarding Our Heart at All Costs
103. God’s Word—Like a Hammer!
104. Our Hope!
105. Kingdom View of Money
106. A Comforting Truth
107. The Breathe of Life
108. Knowing God
109. God’s Precious Investment
110. Your Power Source
111. The Goal: Christ Formed in You
112. The Transformation: Christ Formed in You
113. The Priority: Christ Formed in You
114. The Perspective: Christ Formed in You
115. The Power: Christ Formed in You
116. Serving the Kingdom
117. Pilgrims and Strangers in This World
118. Son-Tanned Christian
119. The Newness of Life
120. The Secret to Finding God’s Favor

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