Reflections of a Kingdom Boy (Part 2)

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Book Contents (Part 2)

41. Where is Your Permanent Home?
42. Keep Moving
43. Be Sure to Pray
44. Remember
45. Be Sign Posts
46. Feel Insignificant?
47. You Are God’s Instrument
48. God’s Way
49. The Lord Will Provide
50. God’s Timetable
51. Boasters, Be Careful
52. Here I am Lord, Send Me!
53. An Insatiable Thirst for God’s Friendship and Favor
54. Soaking in the Word
55. Which Do You Serve: God or Things of this World?
56. Victim or Victor?
57. Open My Eyes
58. Do Paul’s Life and Writings Support a Prosperity Gospel?
59. Will You Forfeit Your Future for Today?
60. Three Objectives to Help Us Make the Most of Our Lives
61. Fix It with Philippians 4:6
62. Root Your Zeal in the Knowledge of God
63. Sonshine: The Call to be Lights in a Darkened World
64. Sin is Crouching at Your Door – Be on Your Guard
65. Fishing for Spiritual Riches
66. Acknowledging God’s Mighty Power
67. Living a Power-Driven Life
68. Develop a Consuming Desire for God’s Word
69. Sharing God’s Secrets
70. Be a Winning Team Player
71. Countering a Culture of Instant Gratification
72. How Do You Face the Reality of Eternity?
73. How to Become a Friend of God
74. Are You Focused on the Son?
75. Skate Toward the Puck
76. The Reward Factor
77. Designed by God
78. Convictions are Key
79. Weaving a Pattern of Giving into Your Life
80. The Converterlator

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