Reflections of a Kingdom Boy (Part 1)

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Book Contents (Part 1)

  1. Grace Expectations
  2. Sending out the Light
  3. Hey! There’s No Armor for my Back!
  4. Our Power Drink for the Day
  5. Are You Being Transformed?
  6. Join the Adventure!
  7. Soak up God’s Word
  8. Ride the Wave
  9. Ready to Do Good Works?
  10. Show Me Your Ways, O God, That I Might Know You Better
  11. The Wow Factor of God’s Love
  12. Being in the Way
  13. Join the Few of the Few
  14. Don’t Park Here
  15. You Can Shine Like a Star — Forever!
  16. Our Greatest Reward is Knowing God
  17. God Working in Your Life?
  18. The Power of Change Belongs to God
  19. The Loaf of Time
  20. Busy Doing What?
  21. Fish Hard! Life is Short!
  22. The World is Passing Away Before Our Eyes!
  23. Follow the Smart Money
  24. God Takes the Little and Does Big Things
  25. Are You the Owner?
  26. Be an Impact Player
  27. Have You Captured the Vision?
  28. Ask God to Shine His Favor on Your Life
  29. How Wise!
  30. Have You Experienced the Third Conversion?
  31. Do You Have a Self-Serve Mentality?
  32. Are You Following a Mirage?
  33. Stay Focused Daddy! Go Get the Pizza!
  34. Do Whatever He tells You
  35. The Masks Money Wears
  36. Make a Habit of Expressing Gratitude
  37. Plug into the Power Generator
  38. Be a Vessel of Christ
  39. A New Way of Living
  40. Silence is Not an Option

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