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Now that you have received the first 31 devotions by email, we want to give you the opportunity to download the entire set as an e-book. That way you still can read devotions you may have missed and review ones that were especially meaningful.

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Book Contents


  1. Give Your Heart to God
  2. Seek God Diligently
  3. Know God and His Ways
  4. Focus on Jesus
  5. Discover God’s Purpose for You
  6. Renew Your Mind
  7. Desire God’s Word
  8. Soak in God’s Word
  9. Sow to the Spirit
  10. Flow with the Spirit
  11. Respond to the Spirit’s Promptings
  12. Ask God for Insight and Wisdom
  13. Follow God’s Revealed Will
  14. Anticipate God’s Involvement
  15. Love Others
  16. Shine for Jesus
  17. Embrace Your Citizenship
  18. Commit Your Way
  19. Submit Your Thought Life to the Spirit
  20. Guard Your Heart
  21. Beware of Greed
  22. Depend on the Power of the Cross
  23. Obey God in Giving
  24. Give Cheerfully
  25. Receive God’s Blessings
  26. Invest in Eternity
  27. Advance God’s Kingdom
  28. Reign with Jesus
  29. Live for Eternal Significance
  30. Concentrate on Eternity
  31. Use Your Time, Talent, and Treasure for God’s Kingdom

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