Be a Winning Team Player

Football, soccer fans support their team and celebrateScripture: 1 Corinthians 2:6

We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing.” (NIV)

Fans of the winning team become really pumped up, yelling and waving their arms. Those of us who practice KingdomNomics are not only fans of the winning team, but we are also players on the team—and it is always exciting to be on the winning team!

The Bible explains to us God’s plan for the ages and generally how it is going to end. He also reveals how we can be significant players on his winning team. Not only that, he gives us the opportunity to invest our time, talent, and treasure in this huge salvaging operation to save humankind. He even promises an immeasurable return on the the investments made on his behalf.

The crazy “wisdom of this age” and the “rulers of this age” are coming to nothing. For this we are truly grateful, since they are really messing things up! They are on the losing team. God’s team is going to win, and we are on it! That really gets me pumped up!

Ever since I have caught this vision, I have committed to the following three principles.

First, I decided I wanted to do my giving while I am living. This way I can enjoy the excitement of seeing what my investments in the kingdom are doing. I made the great discovery that giving is one of the major gateways God uses for interfacing with me as a believer in the details of my life.

Second, I try to follow the principle of increasing my giving of time, talent, and treasure each year. I’ve discovered that the more I participate in the endeavors of God, the more I enjoy the provisions of his covenant and the company of his people. The experience and continued anticipation of his working in my life is truly exciting and fulfilling.

Third, I try to conduct my life and affairs in such a way that I do nothing to impair my ability to give.

Such a program has created within me an aggressive “I want to participate attitude” in this mission of missions, the Great Commission.

It is difficult to grasp the scope and depth of this greatest salvaging operation the world has ever seen. However, great rejoicing awaits those who choose to be players on God’s winning team. Oh, how their lives will truly echo into eternity!

Today, ask yourself:

Am I a casual observer of God’s winning team, or am I a genuine player, using the gifts and talents God has given to me for advancing his kingdom?

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