Be a Converterlator

Be a Converterlator | KingdomNomics.comScripture: Luke 16:9, NLT

Here’s the lesson: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. Then, when your earthly possessions are gone, they will welcome you to an eternal home.” (Luke 16:9, NLT)

In KingdomNomics one of the things we have emphasized is that we are engaged in leveraging the perishable into the imperishable. We are agents of change—transformers who are experiencing an earthly life now that will also echo into eternity. We have developed a “new word” with its various renditions to describe what we are doing: CONVERTERLATORS. We are CONVERTERLATORS, people who are converting the perishable into the imperishable.

If you are a CONVERTERLATOR, you are an agent engaged in “CONVERTERLATING” for bringing about change. The Apostle Paul, who was a CONVERTERLATOR, is a great example for us to follow in using any and all means available for advancing the kingdom of God.

Luke 16:9 is a CONVERTERLATOR verse. It is an example of God instructing us to be wise in the use of our perishing three Ts: time, talent, and treasure. We should be using them to win friends for eternity, so that when our earthly, perishable items are gone, we will be welcomed into our new eternal home.

This is another reason why we must continually interface with the Bible, which gives us the best instruction as to what to do with our time, talent, and treasure. It is one thing to know the principles of KingdomNomics, but we need to follow the instructions to become doers of the Word and not hearers only.

Today, ask yourself:

Am I engaged in the process of CONVERTERLATING and being an agent of change by using my time, talent, and treasure for the advancement of God’s kingdom?

Image credit: © Rob via Fotolia