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Sourced in God

Sourced in God |

Memorize and Meditate

For I know that through your prayers and God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.” (Philippians 1:19, NIV)

Soak your Heart

This verse is power-packed. I want to soak my heart in it. Our communion with God through the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ provides the way for our deliverance, both in this world and the world to come.

In KingdomNomics, we learn through Scripture and we practice keeping Jesus Christ as the focus of our life. We realize that everything is sourced in him. His Spirit can supply the peace, love, patience, and kindness we need. He also has the power to ultimately make all things turn out for our good. He is the God of provision and of all power.

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Expressing Gratitude and Praise

Expressing Gratitude and Praise | KingdomNomics.comScripture: Psalm 50:23, NKJV

Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; and to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.” (Psalm 50:23 NKJV)

Do you like it when people express gratitude to you and perhaps even praise you for something you have done? It strengthens your relationship with that person.

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Gratitude: The Missing Ingredient

Gratitude: The Missing Ingredient | KingdomNomics.comScripture: Luke 17:15–18, NCV

When one of them saw that he was healed, he went back to Jesus, praising God in a loud voice. Then he bowed down at Jesus’ feet and thanked him. (And this man was a Samaritan.) Jesus said, ‘Weren’t ten men healed? Where are the other nine? Is this Samaritan the only one who came back to thank God?’ ” (Luke 17:15–18, NCV)

It appears that man is not grateful for all of the provision God has provided for living in this world. We often tend to be self-centered, focusing more on the negative rather than being thankful for what we do have.

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Make a Habit of Expressing Gratitude

Thanks for babyScripture: Psalm 50:23

He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.” (NIV84)

We live in a world where gratitude is a rare commodity. Most people spend their time asserting their rights or demanding more and more for doing less and less.

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