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KINGDOMNOMICSEnjoy a Life That Will Echo into Eternity.

KingdomNomics begins by asking the question, “How can I enjoy life now, and still live a life that will echo into eternity?”

Business investor Phil Wiegand answers that question! He shows, through personal anecdotes and solid biblical guidance, how an ordinary life can become an extraordinary adventure.

Each of us, he writes, is given a “loaf” of time, and each new day shortens it by one slice. Will your “loaf” crumble into temporal meaninglessness or rise up with eternal value?

Our time, talent, and treasure, the “3 Ts,” are being consumed daily. In KingdomNomics, you will discover principles to help you be a wise steward of those “3 Ts.”

You’re making many investments in this life; the moments invested in reading Phil Wiegand’s book will bring dividends that will change the scope of eternity for you.

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Book Contents


  1. Life’s Leading Indicators
  2. Three Kinds of Believers
  3. The Greed Factor
  4. Who’s the Boss?
  5. Aiming at New Targets
  6. Kingdom Power
  7. Kingdom Attitudes
  8. The Investment Plan
  9. A Richer Experience
  10. The Path to Significance
  11. Eternal Dividends
  12. Developing Your Investment Portfolio

Appendix A: You Are What You ATE
Appendix B: Button Pushers
Appendix C: Personalizing the Word
Appendix D: Ten Principles for Our Family Foundation
Phil’s Bio and More Resources


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