God Takes the Little and Does Big Things

God Takes the Little and Does Big Things | KingdomNomics.comScripture: John 6

In John 6 we read about the feeding of the 5000 by Jesus. We learn a tremendous KingdomNomics principle from the small lad in the story who had two small fish and five barley loaves of bread.

In verse 9 the disciple Andrew questions how so little could be relevant in feeding a multitude of people. Jesus took what was little or insignificant in the view of the world, and miraculously used it to feed the 5000!

What does this say to us?

God can take our time, talent, and treasure, even though we think they are small and insignificant, and exponentially multiply them for the advancement of his kingdom in this world. We all want to be “two fish and five loaves people” willing to share so Jesus can do great things through us as we make ourselves available to him.

This lad’s life echoes through eternity because he was willing to share what he had as he yielded himself to the purposes of God.

Today, ask yourself:

Am I willing to share what I have for the advancement of the kingdom, regardless of the amount?

God can take what we think is inconsequential and use it to do great things. Think about what God can possibly do through you!  When he works through you, you are creating an echo into eternity through your life.