Do Whatever He Tells You

Praying HandsSCRIPTURE: JOHN 2:5

“Do whatever he tells you to do.”

Obedience to God results in blessing. Many times we experience a blessing far beyond any reasonable expectation. This happened when Jesus turned the water into wine at a wedding feast.

The people ran out of wine and the mother of Jesus told the servants that whatever Jesus told them to do, they should do it. When they obeyed the instructions of Jesus to pour the water into the large jars, Jesus turned the water in the best tasting wine of the wedding feast. This was totally unexpected since the best wine was usually consumed at the beginning of the celebration.

Professions of faith mean little without confirming acts of obedience that are in response to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our obedience proves that we love him.

As we practice listening to him and obeying him, he will reveal more of himself to us. Not only that, but he will also work on behalf of those who have a heart that is loyal to him.

By reading God’s word and feasting on our Spiritual M and Ms, we understand more about what the Lord wants us to do. We will become obedient from the heart—a heart deeply planted in the soil of God’s Word—developing an attitude of, “I want to serve him, and help accomplish his will for my life.”

Question to ask yourself:

Am I progressively obeying God as he reveals his will to me through his Word?