Accessing God’s Counsel

Accessing God’s Counsel | KingdomNomics.comScripture: Jeremiah 32:19, NKJV

You are great in counsel and mighty in work, for your eyes are open to all the ways of the sons of men, to give everyone according to his ways and according to the fruit of his doings.” (Jeremiah 32:19, NKJV)

Son Power enables us to tap into the great counsel, power, and work of God when our lives are in harmony with his will. How many times have you heard from someone that “Christianity just doesn’t work for me.” This type of attitude is self-centered and contrary to the will of God.

Our relationship with God is not about the three amigos of Me, Myself, and I. God is interested in his glory and the fulfillment of his will and purposes. He wants to see Christ being formed in us. He wants us transformed into the likeness of Jesus! This can only happen when we have a right relationship with Christ, so that his life and will can be worked out in us.

God sees everything. His eyes are open to all the ways of every person in the world. We all must give an accounting to him for what we do and don’t do.

His counsel is available to us through his Word. For those who are seeking his will diligently, he promises to reveal himself.

When things seem to not be “working” in our lives, we need to first check to see if we are in a proper alignment with God and his will. His will is what matters.

Talk to God

Lord, forgive me for thinking too much about what I want versus what it is you want in my life. Help me to focus on what it is you are trying to teach me. Help me to embrace what you are working out in my life in accordance with your will. I ask for your presence in my life. Amen.